We passed the fields of gazing grain.

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I always remember us
in black and white

like the ones
your grandparents
used to show us
of their wedding day

in my memory
your hair was black,
not brown,
and your eyes gray
instead of blue
on that day I met you
in the library.

your yellow sweater
is white along with
the color of your skin
and that necklace
you always wear.

the last picture
I remember of you
is a silhouette
of you, gray,
and rain drops,
as you walked

letting the rain
wash away
your color. 


A reading of depleting infinity.  Ignore the Texas accent: I can’t help it.  Also ignore the fact that I am reading this off a page: I can help that, but I am too lazy to memorize it.

Short Rant on Money


I know that society will always be stratified, and someone will always have to serve someone else, blah blah, but the world has so much right now. We have achieved so much, but there’s also so much we can’t achieve simply because of money. It’s such a silly barrier to the possibilities ahead of us, our desires, our accomplishments, our virtues, and people become absolutely lividly ridiculous before money. They become ugly and tacky and senseless, and they don’t care because they would rather worship dirty paper than virtue. 

Money is virtue which is another fact of reality. But that doesn’t mean I can’t hate it. I will live by the system because there’s no chance of me starting up the bartering system again (and I don’t mean the messed up redundant-international-import-that-ruins-the-environment-and-the-common-sense-that-the-item-required-is-right-next-door-but-we-would-rather-let-the-middle-man-get-to-it-first) unless I live in some rural town in Kansas or something, but I will still hate it. I will complain about it and will never fully understand it. 

Money has become our new God. People live for money. People die for money. People love with money, gain love from money, love through money. I would say God’s greatest threat/enemy is Money. 

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TOSH: You said this was a dying woman’s request.
JOHN: Yeah, she was dying. I shot her. Thought my luck had changed when I found it had ended up here. So, I’m thinking 50/50? Even split, good deal. Or if anyone fancies an orgy?

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Sometimes, people on tumblr like to post pictures of me, usually animated gifs, and it’s a bit weird.

Gifs of Charlie showing gifs. GIFCEPTION

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